Friday, September 29, 2006


Working sucks. Actually, not working itself- looking for work. I live in freaking Calgary Alberta Canada. The province of unlimited opportunity, right? Yeah, if you want to work in a fucking warehouse, in sales, or in service. Or if you have some sort of fucking qualifications. I left my longstanding job in the service industry, to move into something more interesting, maybe more lucrative. If i post my resume to any of those job search web sites, I get inundated with calls from those places I do not want to work at. Yet meanwhile, everyone is whining that there aren't enough people to do the work they want done. How do I reach these people? It fucking sucks. I'm not afraid of hard work, I just don't want to be trapped in a dead end position while the whole economy is moving so far ahead. I'm not even picky- I'll work pretty much anything as long as there is some sort of long-term advancement to it. This actually seems to be a liability- becasue I haven't chosen to focus on one type of job, people thing I'm aimless. Does it make me aimless that I don't actually care what kind of work I'm doing as long as it pays well and isn't a fucking dead end? I wouldn't be in this position if the economy wasn't supposedly 'booming', I'd have stuck with the crappy evenings and weekends thing I had before. But I tried to trade up and now I'm stuck between going back to somethign I know I won't like or looking around mindlessly for one of these positions that is supposedly available everywhere- yet which I cannot find. I'm the fucking idiot, here. Stupid me for listening to the goddamn media. Stupid me for thinking that just because I want to work in this boomtown I wouldn't have to settle for a crap jobs.

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