Monday, September 25, 2006


Well, I can't go after him directly till I finish my countdown, but surely it's only reasonable to assume that some of those 100 posts will have to touch on things he does or advocates. So While I won't mention him by name, I will be writing about one of his most recent stupid decisions.

Lets not fund stem-cell research, he says. Wonderful, say the scientific communities in every nation outside of the US: this means the best and the brightest will be drawn away from American institutions. But like it or not, the American government is a huge source of funding for research. A lot of that is already drying up because certain foriegn adventures are consuming more of the budget by the hour, but striking stem-cell altogether is bad all the same. This is good research, promsing science, that could, and still eventually will result in treatments for some major illnesses. Against that we have, what, life begins at conception? Really? Jesus monkey-fucking christ. It's a ball of cells the size of a pinhead. It does not feel, it does not think, it does not care if you kill it. You can create one from sperm and eggs, both of which are discarded constantly without so much as a peep from these moronic pro-life fucktards. If you were really pro-life, you'd adhere to a definition of life that makes an actual human being a member of somethign more special than the post-conception club. Kill a million embryos to find one cure and I think you're a saint. Save them for... what? Adoption? Idiots. There are plenty of living human babies available for that. If you care more about the life of an embryo than the life of a person you are not just stupid, you are stupid to the point of malace.

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