Monday, September 18, 2006


The Pope! haha. Lol. Rotfl.

Seriously, if you're going to run a massive, worldwide religion which controls the lives of a billion people, you'd think you could have more fun. The popemobile? Seriously, any reasonably smart person who had that much power would be using it to, say, enjoy life- lots of Women! Or, if they were of a more social bent, maybe to help the world. This guy does neither. He is neither venal nor generous- he just wastes that power, actually uses it to perpetuate itself, and little more. This guy has been so completely parasitized by this religion meme that he has totally abandoned his own genetic self-interest, or the interests of any other more compatable meme. What a tard!

Recently he said some nasty things about muslims. Okay, he quoted some 15th century 'scholar' who said some nasty things about muhammad, but for all intents and purposes, he took a big sharp stick and stuck it in the eye of all the people who follow another of the worlds big, angry, evangelical religions. This is funny. Because it is exactly what you'd predict of this sort of moron, and it doesn't happen often enough for me. See, religion is bad, not because it's nessesarily internally evil- some (not many) religions are pretty decent to be a part of, and on the balance actually improve quality of life. Just because you believe in some implausible mythical force doesn't mean you blow yourself up for it or do any of the other (very long list) of stupid, stupid things people regularly do for religion. religion is bad because it is yet another way for people to devide themselves into an 'us' and an (evil) 'them'. I'm part of sect A you're part of sect B, so it's okay for me to kill you, rape then murder your wife, take your daughter as chattel, kill your sons, and desicrate your home. This also works for races, national groups, and various other stupid things people use to justify being the evil bastards they really want to be. Religion is just one of these, but it's a big one and should be nerfed as often as possible for this reason.

So back to the pope. We who want to see the influence of religion diminish in the world should be pleased by his latest stupidity. Because it highlights our perennial point to our numerous semi-religious cohorts: we don't want religion making policy, because whatever religion is making the policy, everyone else suffers. State religion means that non-state religion will suffer as much as we cleverly non-religious types. So this helps to diminish the influence of the pope and his cronies over public policy, and that is good. The other nice way the pope has inadvertently assisted the cause of humankind is that he gives us a chance in the west to show that we're not just a bunch of crusaders to the people in the middle east. For them, and I'm talking about the likely reasonable majority who don't want war and terrorism, it would be educational to see that in the west, we don't kowtow to our religious leaders when they're acting like dicks. So it would be good if there was a large scale protest from all levels of western society against the pope's stupidity.


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