Saturday, December 16, 2006


Movie studios are a mixed bag. I don't pretend to understand their inner workings. Last night I went to see Eragon. I should have known this would be a bad movie... I mean, the author only changed one letter in 'Dragon' to make the title character, and only managed to take that letter one step in the alphabet. This should have been a clue about the fundamental lack of creativity on his part. I was expecting a formuliac movie- but then, almost every movie is written to a formula, so of course I was expecting it, but the degree it followed the formula was shocking. I mean seriously, this kid who wrote the book took as his sole inspiration other books in the genre, and not the good ones. I liked these books when younger, so I can simpathize with him- but not with the adults in the propduction company that actually thought this would make a good movie. There are SO MANY well written fantasy books with plots that will surprise anyone who hasn't already read them- if you are going to derive a movie from a book, make sure it is a GOOD BOOK. Not all movies made from good books are good movies... but your chances get better if the book is.

Now on to the delivery- I went to the theatre, paid my money, waited in my seat, moved as asked by the usher, sat through the 10 minutes of commercials unrelated to movies and another 15-20 of actual movie trailers, all before the start of this crappy movie. I could have stayed home, downloaded a movie, watched it at my leasure, in the comfort of my home, for free. Of course the second option involes some illegal acts, but so what? I jay walk, I drive above the speed limit, I drank before I was of age, I consumed illegal drugs. The law only matters if it is enforcable. Copyright in the internet age is a pipe dream. The makers of entertainment content have to get that through their heads and realize that they have to compete with the people who will steal their work. The only edge they now have is the quality of experience- watching a movie on the big screen is still better than anythign I can do at home, which is why I will occasionally go out to see one. All this crap they put me through- the insane food prices, the endless commercials, erode that last advantage that the theatres have. I've already PAID you, DO NOT make me watch COMMERCIALS. Realize that your industry is changing and ADAPT.

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